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Product Information

Our Adhesives Division creates revolutionary products by pursuing environmentally-friendly, strong, easier-to-use, and economical adhesives.
The excellent workability of our products has enabled us to command an overwhelming share of the market and establish ourselves as a leading adhesive manufacturer both in Japan and overseas.
Applications for our products are expanding into various fields including artificial lawns, flooring materials, wooden flooring materials, and building materials.

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Best suited for construction, building materials, and civil works

TOYOPOLYMER has developed urethane-based and other adhesives mainly in the fields of construction, building materials, and civil works.
With its line of products meeting on-site needs for initial adhesive power and excellent spreading characteristics, TOYOPOLYMER RUBYLON is well received and has become a synonym for adhesive.

Easy to applyRUBYLON 101 Series

RUBYLON 101 is an easy-to-apply adhesive with moderate viscosity for easy trowel handling and groove production. The one-component product eliminates the hassle of mixing and loss caused by clotting, and contributes to speedy installation.

Easy to apply Rubylon 101 Series
Sound absorbentRUBYLON Floor 503 Series

With conventional epoxy-based adhesives, the resin cracks and makes noise when load is applied to the floor.
With its excellent elasticity and shock-absorbent characteristics, TOYOPOLYMER products are widely used for floor installation.

Sound absorbent RUBYLON Floor 503 Series
Can be used for any type of baseRUBYLON 155 Series

Conventional installation methods for raised floor system(OA floor,double floor) commonly used in intelligent buildings requires that adhesives are selected to match both the flooring materials for adhering building materials that support the floor as well as the surface coating material.

TOYOPOLYMER has developed an adhesive product that can be used for any flooring or coating materials, eliminating the hassle of selecting the right adhesive.

Can be used for any type of base RUBYLON 155 Series

     "RUBYLON" and "MELUSI" are registered trademarks of TOYOPOLYMER CO., LTD.

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